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KBS Real Estate by the Numbers*



Assets Under Management



Assets Acquired and Managed


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Largest Office Owner Globally


Assets Acquired

162.8 Million Sq. Ft.


Assets Sold

127.5 Million Sq. Ft.

The Investment Process

With an initial investment of as little as $25,000, investors can buy into a KBS fund backed by professionally managed institutional quality office properties.
Monthly dividends are paid to investors.
Investors enjoy owning a piece of KBS' office portfolio without paying upfront fees or commissions.

The KBS Strategy


Why Multi-Tenant Office

Consumer confidence and job growth are excellent economic indicators. When consumers are confident, they spend more. That, in turn, boosts business profits, which creates jobs, ultimately translating into demand for commercial real estate space.


Why Investors Trust KBS

With nearly three decades of experience in acquiring and managing commercial property, KBS has a long history in the industry. Our team of professionals attempt to identify the most promising opportunities to achieve attractive returns for our investors.

Why KBS' Portfolio is Unique

KBS invests in high quality office buildings in the strongest markets in the United States. Some of our properties house the companies and institutions that drive our nation’s economy and employ thousands of Americans across the country.
What Commission-Free Investing Means to You

KBS Direct offers investment opportunities without upfront fees or commissions.

The following chart show the effect on an assumed yield when no upfront commissions and fees are paid by the investor.

Distributions are not guaranteed and the information below is for illustrative purposes only.

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* Information as of September 30, 2019, for all equity and debt assets for all KBS-affiliated entities and not specific to any KBS-advised investor or KBS-sponsored program. These figures include those from five KBS-advised investors where, pursuant to management agreements and partnership agreements, the KBS-advised investors were permitted to reject acquisitions recommended by the KBS-affiliated advisor. Transactional volume includes purchase price of assets acquired plus sales price, transfer price or payoff proceeds of asset dispositions through September 30, 2019. **The ranking by National Real Estate Investor is based on volume of office space owned globally, as of December 31, 2017. The results were generated from a survey conducted by National Real Estate Investor based on a combination of advertising and website promotion of the survey, direct solicitation of responses from participants, direct email to National Real Estate Investor subscribers and other identified office owners and daily newsletter promotion of the survey, all supplemented with a review of public company SEC filings. *Distributions are not guaranteed. Distributions from KBS-sponsored programs have been funded in part with debt financing, including advances from the advisor, and cash resulting from a waiver of asset management fees by the advisor. Distributions funded from sources other than cash flow from operations will result in dilution to subsequent investors, reduce funds available for investment in assets and may reduce the overall return to stockholders.