About KBS
Over 27 Years of Industry Leadership
Partner with Performance: KBS Real Estate by the Numbers*

Since 1992, KBS and its affiliated companies have completed over $42 billion in commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions across more than 1,600 properties on behalf of large institutions, including public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, institutional and sovereign wealth funds, and seven public nontraded real estate investment trusts.

National Focus
KBS is a regionally aligned organization. This structure provides operating efficiencies and local market knowledge that help KBS to secure institutional real estate opportunities for its investors. Highlights of this structure include the following:  
  • Two regional presidents whose compensation is tied directly to the performance of the regions.
  • Local acquisition officers and asset managers, each knowledgeable in their respective markets.
  • KBS professionals who know the dealmakers in their markets. These established relationships often allow KBS first choice at premier assets.
OfficeMarket Map3
RODNEY RICHERSON Regional President
4 Asset Managers
Total Invested Capital: $8.89 Billion
Total Assets: 326***
Total Sq. Ft.: 36.62 Million
Total Disposed: $5.04 Billion
Total Held: $4.44 Billion
RICHERSON / DELUCA Regional Presidents
3 Asset Managers
Total Invested Capital: $7.83 Billion
Total Assets: 376***
Total Sq. Ft.: 51.23 Million
Total Disposed: $4.81 Billion
Total Held: $2.98 Billion
MARC DELUCA Regional President
3 Asset Managers
Total Invested Capital: $9.28 Billion
Total Assets: 816***
Total Sq. Ft.: 62.77 Million
Total Disposed: $6.43 Billion
Total Held: $3.09 Billion
KBS Leadership Team
Charles J. Schreiber, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
KBS Realty Advisors & KBS Capital Advisors
James Chiboucas, Esq.
Vice Chairman and Chief Legal Officer
KBS Realty Advisors & KBS Capital Advisors
Rodney G. Richardson
Regional Vice President, Western United States
KBS Realty Advisors & KBS Capital Advisors
Marc Deluca
Regional Vice President, Eastern United States
KBS Realty Advisors & KBS Capital Advisors
Lew Feldman
Lewis G. Feldman
KBS Direct
Mark Saukkola
Chief Executive Officer
KBS Capital Markets Group
Jeff Waldvogel2
Jeff Waldvogel, CPA.
Chief Financial Officer
KBS Capital Advisors
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Past, Present & Future of Investing: An Interview with Chuck Schreiber & Geoff Dohrmann
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All of the offerings available through KBSDirect.com are made by issuers sponsored by KBS Holdings LLC, the owner of KBS Capital Advisors LLC. KBS Capital Advisors LLC is the owner of KBSDirect.com. KBS Capital Advisors LLC and its affiliate, KBS Realty Advisors, LLC, are registered investment advisers with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The first KBS investment adviser was founded by Peter M. Bren and Charles J. Schreiber Jr. in 1992 and established the basis for today’s family of KBS-affiliated real estate companies. Messrs. Bren and Schreiber have each been involved in real estate development, management, acquisition, disposition and financing for more than 40 years. Since 1992, KBS-affiliated entities have invested in and managed commercial real estate assets on behalf of clients that include large institutions, such as public and private pension plans, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and seven public non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs). Large institutional investors have selected KBS-affiliated companies because the senior staff is comprised of real estate professionals with extensive, hands-on real estate experience. The information above, including the video in the header, relates to all KBS-affiliated companies and is not specific to the Company. An investor cannot acquire stock in “KBS” or the sponsor as described above. See the Company’s Private Placement Memorandum (the “PPM”) for more information. *Information as of Septermber 30, 2019, for all equity and debt assets for all KBS-affiliated entities and not specific to any KBS-advised investor or KBS-sponsored pro-gram. These figures include those from five KBS-advised investors where, pursuant to management agreements and partnership agreements, the KBS-advised investors were permitted to reject acquisitions recommended by the KBS-affiliated advisor. Transactional volume includes purchase price of assets acquired plus sales price, transfer price or payoff proceeds of asset dispositions through September 30, 2019. The ranking by National Real Estate Investor is based on volume of office space owned globally, as of December 31, 2017. The results were generated from a survey conducted by National Real Estate Investor based on a combination of advertising and website promotion of the survey, direct solicitation of responses from participants, direct email to National Real Estate Investor subscribers and other identified office owners and daily newsletter promotion of the survey, all supplemented with a review of public company SEC filings. **As of September 30, 2019. Historical activity does not reflect $1.85 billion of total invested capital in real estate securities, mortgages, CMBS, and debt-related investments representing 146 assets located nationally, with a total of 12.28 million collateral square feet. ***Some of these assets were acquired as the result of the foreclosure or other transfer pursuant to settlement agreements in which borrowers under certain real estate-related loans acquired or originated by a KBS-sponsored REIT transferred the collateral securing those assets to the KBS entity which was the lender in satisfaction of borrower’s obligations.