KBS: Twenty-Five Years of Undiluted Expertise

KBS is one of the country’s foremost commercial real estate owners and operators, with over $37 billion* in transactional volume since it was founded in 1992. KBS was ranked by National Real Estate Investor as one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the U.S in 2016. It also happens to be the sponsor of KBSDirect.com.

The culture at KBS is centered around real estate. It’s our passion, it’s what drives us, it’s what we’re focused on,” says Clint Copulos, KBS Senior Vice President and Asset Manager of Portland’s Commonwealth building.

“Where other companies have acquisition officers and asset managers that are working side by side to go out and buy real estate and execute business plans, KBS has market leaders. And those market leaders are focused on a specific market from the beginning of the process to the end. They acquire the asset, execute the business plan, and see it through; so there’s accountability, developing and building relationships, and there’s a real sense of ownership.”

Undiluted expertise in real estate

This undiluted strength in real estate began with the company’s inception. “Peter Bren and I wanted to have people who had extensive real estate expertise,” says Chuck Schreiber, KBS CEO. “We didn’t hire people who had degrees in economics or other areas thinking that we could teach them real estate. We wanted people who had hands-on real estate experience.”

Every one of KBS regional presidents and asset managers have one to three areas of real estate on which they focus: development, construction, retail properties, multi-family properties, industrial or office properties.

“When we gather together, we have some of the sharpest professionals in the country on our team helping us make decisions on assets within our portfolio,” says Schreiber.

Even the accounting and reporting teams have real estate expertise. “We’re all focused on the real estate we buy, operate, and ultimately, sell.”

The fundamentals of people at KBS are real estate experience, a very high level of integrity, and a passion for the investor.

Schreiber continues, “We do what we say we’re going to do and we don’t make commitments until we’re highly confident we can perform under those terms. We [build teams] that really have a passion for the investor. This isn’t high-risk, high-return objective money that somebody’s willing to lose. We’re dealing with people’s retirement money so this is of the utmost importance. We want to ensure that everyone within KBS has that passion and respect for our investors’ money because they are responsible for managing that money and investing it in real estate.”

Great buildings, great tenants

KBS started the shift to high quality office real estate in 2010-2011. “A large percentage of our portfolio and the majority of our efforts, is high-quality office space. We found that great tenants are attracted to great buildings.”

Even if the property is the most expensive in the marketplace, or perhaps even partly because of it, the building “attracts high-end tenants who want to be in beautiful buildings. They want employees to have an inspiring environment in which to work and also to be proud of their location,” says Schreiber.

This strategy combined with the breadth of KBS’ experience, is what creates their innovation. “We don’t stand still in anything, we’re always looking for a better way to perform a transaction, whether it’s an acquisition, disposition, or creative financing,” says Jim Chiboucas, KBS Vice Chairman and Chief Legal Officer. “We constantly look for ways to get better terms for our investors.”

Lewis Feldman, KBSDirect Chief Strategy Officer, has been and continues to be involved with online and direct investment companies as an advisor. “Scale, scope, and quality distinguish KBS Direct above all the other sites on the internet today where you can find and access direct investments. No one else has the professional management and this high level of expertise. With KBS Direct you have institutional quality, real estate professional management and scale like never before.”

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Keep in mind there are risks to investing, including loss of capital.

*Presented by calendar year for the period 1993 through September 30, 2017. Includes equity investments in, and real estate-related debt investments secured by, real property assets, real property assets acquired through foreclosure, all consolidated joint venture investments and unconsolidated joint venture investments in which KBS owned or owns a majority interest, but excludes unconsolidated joint venture investments in which KBS did not or does not own a majority interest. Consolidated joint venture investments and unconsolidated joint venture investments in which KBS owned or owns a majority interest are shown at 100% of the respective purchase and/or sales price. Includes the following properties for which third-party asset managers unaffiliated with a KBS advisor provide asset management services, business and operation plans and other services: 867 bank branches, office buildings, operations centers and other properties; apartment and hotel properties; and an unconsolidated joint venture investment in which KBS owns a majority interest.

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